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Some of the A/V Hardware Vendors We Trust:

Audio Visual Communication Experts Providing Services that Work for You!


Audio video systems have become a necessity for many churches, schools, businesses, and other facilities. Yet without an adequate knowledge to purchase the right equipment, install the system correctly, and troubleshoot any issues that arise, these systems can present some problems. At Brand Tech, we assist with professional A/V design and integration, helping you get your communications systems up and running — from set up to training. Since audio visual needs will vary for each customer, we listen carefully before making any recommendations. Brand Tech is a full-service A/V company, which provides sound system installation and all of the following services:


  • A/V design consultation
  • A/V equipment supply
  • Projector screen installation
  • Training, troubleshooting, and consultation


Brand Tech can perform all aspects of sound system installation for churches, schools, and other businesses or facilities. Some of the equipment that we regularly install and integrate include the following:


  • Wireless Microphones
  • Instrument Microphones
  • Choir Microphones
  • Analog Mixers
  • Digital Mixers
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Stage Monitors
  • Wireless In-Ear Monitors
  • Amplifiers


Brand Tech can also assist with video systems and projectors. We regularly install a variety of equipment, including the following:


  • Projectors
  • Projector screens
  • Lobby monitors
  • Video routers
  • Video splitters
  • Distribution hardware
  • Video Walls

  • Interactive Touch Screens

  • Conference Rooms

  • Streaming Setup

Expert Consulting Services

Our expert consulting services are a perfect complement to our design and installation services. We make recommendations for the custom AV solutions our clients need. After installation we provide training as needed and help with any issues that may arise. We won’t leave you stranded — we are here to assist you, whatever your needs!

Some Industries We Serve with Custom A/V Services

School Audio Visual Systems

Education relies heavily on the use of technology, particularly in their school audio visual systems. In addition to the the basic systems, such as a PA system, intercom system, and bell system, teachers may have access to a range of newer AV components, such as smart boards and projectors. To make the best use of older equipment as well as the latest technology, you need knowledgeable experts, like the technicians at Brand Tech. We work with schools to design, install, and upgrade the audio and visual systems that keep a school working.

School Audio Systems

A school sound system can consist of a PA  system in the school hall as well as speakers distributed throughout classrooms and corridors for paging, emergency announcements or class change signaling. School sound systems may also be used for student assemblies, theater productions, or other events. Because of the importance when addressing students, it is important to have clear and intelligible audio components.

Some of the systems that Brand Tech has and can install within classrooms and/or educational facilities include:

  • Classroom sound system for more effective communication and reduced vocal fatigue
  • Portable sound system for addressing groups of students in learning resource areas or for sporting events
  • Lecture hall system for amplification with local control for integration of a campus-wide paging system

School Visual Systems and Projectors

Classroom and school projectors should support an educator by providing outstanding picture quality and a variety of display options. Brand Tech provides a wide range of projectors that offer educators stunning large-format presentation displays. We offer projectors from many of the top suppliers in the world and can provide a perfect picture experience for each student in each situation. We can provide solutions from the simple to the complex, and we are sure to have a solution that is right for you.

School Intercom and PA System

Announcements within a school could be life-saving. At a minimum, students and teachers need to be aware of changes happening throughout the school or emergency situations. Brand Tech installs public address systems for schools and educational facilities for instant voice messaging. These systems can be enhanced with weather alert integration, scheduled bell alerts, and clock time synchronization. Our systems are easily expandable and upgradable. We also offer wireless systems that allow for expansion into additional buildings or to outdoor facilities.

Sports Facility Sound System and PA System

Outstanding audio is essential to any sports experience. It could be for playing music to energize the crowd, making live announcements to keep fans informed, or prioritizing safety through priority paging over the PA system. In addition to offering superior school audio visual systems, Brand Tech also designs, integrates, and installs systems at indoor arenas or gymnasiums, outdoor stadiums or fields, aquatic facilities, and racetracks.


Serving Church Audio and Visual Needs

The audio and visual needs of churches and places of worship are not the same today as they were yesterday. And they will not be the same tomorrow as they are today. Many churches desire to utilize the latest audio and visual technology to help attendees to worship and learn. Yet they often lack the technical expertise required to find optimal AV solutions and implement them effectively. That’s where Brand Tech can help. We can work with church leadership, the worship pastor, or a designated committee to gather information about the church’s audio visual goals, needs, and budget. Based on this, we can make recommendations for solutions including equipment purchase, set-up, and integration with existing AV components. The church can then consider these recommendations and once a strategy has been agreed upon, Brand Tech can execute the solution, completing all installations, integrations, testing, adjustments, and training. We can help churches to maximize the benefits of church sound systems and projectors.

Church Sound Systems

Brand Tech offers a variety of professional church sound system services from concept, engineering and design, to installation, training, and repair. We offer full range of church audio systems utilizing a variety of equipment from various manufacturers. We listen to you to understand the specific needs of your worship facility and will provide a design that harmonizes with your particular worship environment.

Church Projectors

Our expert team at Brand Tech understands the variety of video communication technologies and equipment currently on the market and will focus our efforts to provide you with a comprehensive team of designers, project managers, and field technicians to complete the vision of your visual presentations. We only use equipment from leading manufacturers and offer a range of presentation and interactive communication solutions. We focus our system designs on the needs of each customer.

Church Audio Visual Training

Training on how to best use an audio visual system can be particularly important for places of worship. Often church sound booths and sound boards are run by volunteers who not only are not that knowledgeable about technical equipment but also share the responsibility with other volunteers. Brand Tech can provide the audio visual training needed to teach your volunteers how to operate equipment and troubleshoot problems. We will get all your volunteers on the same page.

Serving the AV Needs of Government Facilities

Brand Tech can help to provide an outstanding experience for your government facilities.  Whether you are looking to install remote courtroom video equipment or white noise generators for private meetings, we can help design the system to meet all your needs. We have the capability to design and install whatever level of audio or video system your agency needs, and to determine best components for the capabilities you need.

NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2025, Indiana State Law requires governing bodies at the state and local levels to provide access to streamed and recorded copies of their meetings. (More information can be found at: https://iga.in.gov/legislative/2023/bills/house/1167/details)

Brand Tech can help ensure that your government agency is prepared to comply with the regulations instituted by Indiana House Bill 1167. We can help make this as simple and painless as possible; we provide a simple-to-use audio microphone system for audio recording, which we then connect to a video system to allow for video recording and streaming of meetings.  We will teach your staff to set up for for recording and streaming of the meetings. Additionally, we will happily support your staff as you get started or encounter any problems!

Contact us today to talk about how we can help your government agency provide audio and video access for services to the public, or whatever A/V facilities you need!

A Leader Among Audio Visual Companies

Many businesses rely on audio and visual technology without really having an expert who understands the complex world of audio visual installation and integration. That’s why businesses throughout Central Indiana regularly trust Brand Tech to help with the design, integration, and use of audio visual systems and their components. Among audio visual companies, Brand Tech stands out as a leader, combining a thorough understanding of AV integration with a solutions mindset that takes into account your needs, limitations, and budget.

Intercom, PA, and Distributed Audio Systems and Installation

Brand Tech can provide audio systems that aid in the communication of your commercial space whether it is an office or retail facility. We can make sure that customers can enjoy music during their shopping or dining experience or that employees can be aware of important announcements and changes in production. Our experts will listen to and evaluate your needs and engineer a system that perfectly fits the audio needs of your facility.

Visual and Projection Presentation Technology

Brand Tech can assist with maximizing the visual or projection needs of your business whether it’s in conference rooms, boardrooms, lobbies, or auditoriums. Our digital solutions provide your organization the ultimate flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of any size project. Our solutions include the latest high-definition and 4K sources and can allow for streaming messages or news, digital signage, or offering other information. Brand Tech can reliably and easily provide the best possible format to create an innovative experience for your customers or employees.

Presentation Technology, Video Presentation Service and Installation

Brand Tech allows your business to capture your audience and communicate effectively with the best presentation technology that is tailored to fit your space and your budget. An audio visual projection system from Brand Tech is a powerful tool for presenting and creating strong connections for every type of market. Our systems are precisely designed and engineered to provide a maximum visual and audio experience of listeners.

Teleconference and Video Conference Systems

If your company is considering a teleconference or video conference system for your conference rooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms or general facilities, Brand Tech is your local Indiana provider of these services. We have the experience and staff to design your teleconferencing system so that your employees and leadership teams can clearly communicate with one another or with customers. Since the technology within this space is changing rapidly, you will want to rely on the experts at Brand Tech prior to making a purchase. We understand that the most important thing to most companies is reliability, quality, and security in their communications. Brand Tech will address each of those issues and oversee the process from design to installation to utilization.

Sound Masking

Brand Tech can also provide sound masking to offices, retail spaces, and other facilities that might benefit from this service. Sound masking utilizes ambient background sound at a frequency similar to human speech. By masking the sound of normal conversation, sound masking makes these interactions less intrusive and intelligible. Sound masking provides workers, patrons, or customers with more privacy and increases the ability of workers to be productive without the distraction of ongoing conversation.


Sound, Video, and Cabling for Industrial Facilities

Brand Tech is familiar with factories and industrial facilities and understands the needs that arise for the communications and safety of the employees and what is needed to help with communications in your facility or factory.  From intercom systems to telecommunications, we can help provide solutions for your entire industrial campus.


Data, Fiber, and WiFi Networks

Brand Tech has the knowledge and experience to help your IT department in getting the backbone to the network up and running.  We can run fiber to new IT cabinets and run the cables to all the desks, machines, and wireless devices to make the network run and get your people doing what they need to do to be productive.

Intercom Systems, Paging, and Emergency Notifications

Brand Tech can help design and install the system that you need for communicating with your employees and throughout the facility.  Weather alerts and active shooter alarms can be broadcast facility-wide and bells can be set up to announce breaks and shift changes.  We have years of experience in designing paging, emergency notification, and intercom systems needed to help keep your employees safe and ensure that information gets distributed.

Conference Rooms, Huddle Rooms and Remote Meetings

For industrial facilities that require teleconference or video conference systems, Brand Tech can help. We can equip huddle rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms, or general facilities for specific needs. Our experienced staff will design a teleconferencing system that allows clear communication with leadership, among team members, or with customers. Brand Tech understands the changing technology and can help you find the right solution for your industrial space.

Sound Masking for Industrial Environments

Brand Tech can provide sound masking systems for your large open office spaces that will reduce the distracting conversations, provide more privacy and allow your employees to be more productive. Sound masking utilizes ambient background sound at a frequency similar to human speech to mask the sound of normal conversation, making these interactions less intrusive and intelligible.


We don’t stop at these industries! At Brand Tech, we are thrilled to offer comprehensive solutions for any organization’s technology needs, from network and security to privacy and efficiency.

Our team of experts is equipped with the latest knowledge and cutting-edge tools to provide customized IT services to suit your company’s specific requirements. We specialize in computer and software management to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal performance.

Let us take care of your technology needs, so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about our IT services and how we can help take your organization to the next level.